Grafter, who was the one to teach you this art?
Who was the one who has passed on you the magic craft?

Who taught you:
To blend together
To stir
The blood and the vital juices
Turn into sweet,
Into sweetness complete

Who taught you:
The wild with
Soul to bless,
The wild into
Tameness caress

Youth to
Old age
To grant,
The future
In the past

Who taught you how to graft,
Who taught you that sweet art,
Whence from that magic craft,

My father  passed it on to me!!!

Who, your Father, 
then did teach?

Each Father
passed it on to each...

Ilo V. Gajtanoski
(February 2008) 

Tvojte oci Leno

Tvojte oci Leno mori
Vodenski ceresni se
daj mi gi na mene
jaska da gi izedam

merak Leno mori
merak da mi pomini
sevda moja
sevda da mi izlezi

Tvojto uste Leno mori
Kostursko kutivce e
daj mi go na mene
jaska da go otvoram

merak Leno mori...

Tvojto lice Leno mori
Lerinsko simice e
daj mi go na mene
jaska da go izedam

merak Leno mori...

Tvojta snaga Leno mori
tnka em visoka e
daj mi ja na mene
jaska da ja pregrnam

merak Leno mori...



Dragon of the Hills
(music: E. Hristova, lyrics: D. Sibinovski)

There was a maiden with the eyes of charm,
A maiden with hair the colour of gold,
Passed her days in the forest deep,
Singing the praises of the beloved Sun

Then one day a mighty knight came
Nine kingdoms, three valleys passed the knight,
to reach the forest and seize the lovely dame
to seize her and make her his bride

Ah, to be free…

Not for me the forest with no winds,
Not for me the Sun without his light,
Not for me the ring that binds,
Spoke the maiden at his might

Then the Maiden sang a sad lament,
For the skies above to hear her plea
She cried out for the Dragon to be sent
From her captivity to set her free

The forest wind took up to the skies
And bade the Dragon hurry from above,
The Maiden looked into his eyes,
And knew she found her one true love

The wind the blew with all might
And took the fair Maiden up on high,
Oh, she was a lovely sight,
Rising over the Sun and the blue sky

Over the Sun…..
The forest wind took up to the skies
And bade the Dragon hurry from above


(music: E. Hristova, lyrics: D. Sibinovski)

Unshackled, I am striving toward the light
With my voice to find my soul bright,
Only the water could hear my whispered plight

I soared into the blue sky so free,
With my voice I flew over the wide blue sea,
Only the winds could hear the echo of my plea

The light, my body with passions sears,
My voice is the thunder the darkness hears,
My song is only heard by the fire fierce.

My soul fled to me, my prayer they heard,
In return I had to give my voice instead of my word.

If ever my songs wane, only the good earth will then hear my strain.


(music: E. Hristova, lyrics: D. Sibinovski)

Yonder is not East
Yet, there I see the Sun rising...
I stand at the end of the world,
My strength sapping...

Away from the dance,
Away from my sisters,
Away from the song I have departed...
A proud fairy
I don’t want to be,
A butterfly
Who will not live the dawn to see,
Just a fleeting moment of
This eternal day,
A butterfly
Too frail to last
Till the first dawn’s ray,
Part of the eternity of
The new day

In the glow of the day
We are by the Sun inspired,
This life’s light is ready to burn
Until love’s last flame has expired.

Exult me,
Excite me,
I am yours for only one day...
Hark, the dawn’s hush
The sky’s blush,
The innocence of love

Joy ascends on wings of tears...


(music: E. Hristova, lyrics: D. Sibinovski)

My soul soars
My body burns
White foam on the shore that breaks…
My tear aches…

My beauty blooms
My body tempts,
This voice, His gift
your spirits to lift…

Let my body be in chains,
Wrest my soul in awful pains,
But to my voice do no wrong
Let it free to sing my song….

My soul soars
To the golden heights
My body burns…
Away flees the night…

Verse translation by Milan Damjanoski

(music: E. Hristova, lyrics: V. Martinovski)

Blessed is the voice that fills the air
Bearer of tidings of days gone by
Blessed is this never-ending lay,
Forever born of pipes and poets

The sleepy nightingales sing their sweet song
The Psalms echoed by a multitude of strings
The cymbals rumble like thunder from the sky
The rain barely whispers its sighs

Through the leaves that make up its gentle quire,
A melody that thrills every fiber
Of the body filled with mirth,
All rejoicing in the verses’ new birth.


(music: E. Hristova, lyrics: V. Martinovski)

C’mon, don’t fret, take a
Leap beyond the mountaintop,
C’mon, don’t wait, join the clouds
In their jolly romp,
C’mon, don’t hesitate, fly with the ladybugs
And spread their cheer afar,
C’mon, make haste, reach for the skies
To add a shining star.

Don’t you wait, hurry up,
Don’t you wait, rise up

C’mon, don’t be shy, with the firefly
Light up the night sky,
C’mon, don’t stay away,
Join the merry cricket’s play,
C’mon, don’t fret, take that
Leap beyond the mountaintop,
C’mon, take the bound,
Make the canyons with your voice resound


(music: D. Sibinovski/E. Hristova, lyrics: traditional adapted by D. Sibinovski)

With the drums thunderous growl,
The pipes powerful howl ,
The Moon turns its face
into the Sun’s embrace

With my soul at ease, I flow,
With a bright step, forward I go

When I see my maiden, the fairest sight,
All dressed for me in purest white,
Gold and silver her neck adorn,
shining like the rays of a new dawn

She swam over the blue sea yonder,
stepped on the green field in great wonder,
Where she stands, the golden sun beams on her reign,
Where she goes, the bright moon follows in her train

Could you drink the bottomless sea,
Could you eat the fruits of the Paradise tree,
Could you eat the stars in the Milky Way,
Could you eat the king’s riches in a day.



Oj javore, ti javore
najvisoko drvo ti si.
Rasiri si tvojte granki
od nebeto do zemjata.
Da si sednam pod javorot
sladok rucok da si rucam
rujno vino da si pijam.
Rujno vidno da si pijam
maloj mome da si ljubam
kako dusa so mi saka.



A Star Descended
(music & lyrics: V. Martinovski)

Alas, have all the stars in heavens blended,
Or have the mists from above descended;
Yet, it’s not the stars of the heavenly vault,
Nor the ghastly mists fault,
That are the cause of this dazzling white
Which takes away my earthly sight

Alas, are all the woods by fire consumed,
Or, have the poppies exploded into full bloom;
Yet, it’s not the fire’s burning valour,
Nor the poppies’ maiden colour
That have born this blushing ray
That takes my breath away.

Hark, it is a fair poppy bride
A star descended form heaven’s side,
Her face aglow in whiteness bright,
Her body, ablaze with sun’s might,
Adorned in a maiden’s white dress,
Sent from above my soul to bless.


The Fountain
(music: E. Hristova, lyrics: D. Sibinovski/E. Hristova)

Ease yourself down,
you’re bed is made,
A star is falling,
I am not afraid

Sleep, do not worry, I’ll watch over you,
As you blossom, my breath will follow you

I will plant for you
A white almond tree
You will blossom,
I will live through thee…



Oj devojce

Oj devojce, ti tetovsko jabolce
pokazi beloto lice sakam da go vidam jas
O bre momce bre budalo, ubavo jabandzice
od furna belo simitce zarem ne si videl ti…

Oj devojce, ti tetovsko jabolce
pokazi crnite oci sakam da gi vidam jas
O bre momce bre budalo, ubavo jabandzice
v carsija crnite verigi zarem ne si videl ti…

Oj devojce, ti tetovsko jabolce
pokazi ramnata snaga, sakam da ja vidam jas
O bre momce bre budalo, ubavo jabandzice
v gradina tnka topola zarem ne si videl ti…

The Little Bird
(music: E. Hristova, lyrics: D. Sibinovski)

Hey, little bird, sweet little thing art thou,
a garland of lilacs and roses I’ll weave for thee,
Carnations fresh and hyacinths pied smile on my brow
Alas, fair boy, I will not sing for thee

Hey, little bird, perched all night on the window sill
Come to me, this palace of ivory will thine be,
The trees my throne and the meadows my soul’s thrill
Alas, fair boy, cold marble is no gift for me

Hey, little bird, fly to me and be my love
For you alone will have the endless sky
I will fly, fair boy, with the wings of a dove
But, alas, fair boy, to you I will not fly


 The Merry Cloud
(music: E. Hristova, lyrics: D. Sibinovski)

One thought and I’m off the ground
My eyes wonder, like the thoughts that children ponder
Wherever I fly, the sky the same all around
Was I born here where purple clouds abound

I won’t ask the small white angels how
their lyres and harphs play a heavenly strain,
or does the rainbow shoot rain from a bow,
My only whisper is your soul, not some miracle vain

I tiptoe on the golden sunbeams
And carry in me the song of my dreams
Watch over me with the light of the Sun above
I want to shout out, I want to love

Come closer and laugh with me
Hear this heart that beats for thee
See me, merry cloud, and me thy embrace
And let that secret smile steal across your face