About us

BAKLAVA is a music group, and their first official concert was in 2005. Having remade traditional songs, as well as producing their own, this band made a specific, acoustic and minimalist sound of World music.

They are a quartet, and in the Macedonian language, the world Baklava seemed like the perfect choice for a name, not only used as a term for the Turkish sweet, but also synonymous to "Rhombus" - the perfect geometric shape, or the hazard "Diamond". At the same time, "baklava" is a common symbol in the Macedonian tradition, representing equality, a blend of different cultures in art, and the four sides of the world. BAKLAVA, during the several inside changes was enriched with valuable musical names that played alongside Elena Baklava and Sibo, and they contributed to the unique sound of the band, especially, because of Elena. The attempts to draw this perfect geometric shape in the auditive space continues, and not only by the musicians, but by a long list of people, and each of them represents an important shade used to draw the baklava exactly like the audience accepts it.

The first album is entitled after the band. While "Baklava" (2007) is a live album, the second one, "Kalemar" (2008) is studio-made and composed by the band. The third album, "Me mankas mucho" (I miss you so much) (2011) is following the traces of Sephardic songs, which naturally reflect the sounds of World music, mixed with various and different musical styles and languages. After many performances at home and throughout Europe, several music videos, their own documentary, CDs, they finally have their own part in the new, big movie "The Third Half" by Darko Mitrevski. On the concerts you can see Elena Hristova (vocals), Dejan Sibinovski (daf), Dragan Stojkovski (bass, tamburoud), Igor Stevkovski (drums), Dejan Teodosievski (cello) Petar Hristov (clarinet, sax), Jordan Kostov (accordion),...